Organized in cooperation with the Art for Goodness Association, this special exhibition offers its visitors a deep experience by reflecting social problems such as climate change, environmental problems and epidemics through the language of art.
Kalyon Kültür has been taking art lovers on a magical journey for three years by hosting the diversity of art. The restored historical Taş Mansion is also known as the house where the famous poet İhsan Raif grew up and becomes a meeting point for artists.

Kalyon Kültür Says Hello to Summer Season with Innovative Exhibition!
The exhibition titled “Those Who Dream of a New World” brings together a total of 47 works by 23 different artists, curated by Kalyon Culture and Art Director Aslı Bora. In this unique exhibition, where contemporary techniques are used as well as traditional representations, various disciplines of art such as painting, sculpture and ceramics are blended, pushing the boundaries of art.

The different perspectives in the works of the artists encourage visitors to think about important issues encountered in daily life, such as the image of the city, environmental pollution, technological development and consumption of natural resources. The works in the exhibition offer the audience the opportunity to explore how issues affecting the life of society such as climate change, pandemic and migration intersect with personal experiences.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge until September 2 at Kalyon Culture Nişantaşı Taş Konak. This impressive exhibition, which brings together the works of Asiye Yüce, Alla Güner, Artagan Pektaş and 20 other talented artists, awaits art lovers who want to take a journey in their inner world. Don't miss this unique experience where social awareness will increase with the power of art!

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