Ethics Policy

Turkish Painting Association – UK is an art institution based in the United Kingdom. The purpose of its establishment was to carry out activities to introduce Turkish Painting and Turkish Painters to the UK art environment and to support the promotional activities that have been and will be carried out.

Our Ethical Principles;
• Our main priority is to provide and produce accurate information to the public.
• We treat everyone equally, honestly, transparently and respectfully.
• We are against any initiative that would harm our corporate identity.
• We respect the rights of people who will communicate through our institution, but we do not interfere with the business and transactions of the parties and do not provide benefits or interests.
• We encourage an atmosphere of mutual support, respect, sharing and interaction for all parties who meet through our institution.
• Honesty and impartiality are our basic principles in all our artistic activities.
• Our curators are impartial and independent in their selection of artworks.
• Our advisory board decides on the acceptance and method of donated works.
Our ethical principles board is responsible for monitoring our principles.


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