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Wellcome Turkish Painting Association

Turkish Painting Association – United Kingdom is an institution that carries out the ideal of a group of Turkish painters to promote the art of Turkish painting in England, increase its awareness and institutionalize it.

The necessity for Turkish painting to be in the British and Anglo-Saxon painting market is the common view of our Turkish painter friends living in England and continental Europe. It is our greatest strength that our British collector and painter friends see this shortcoming and encourage us at this point.

Turkish Painting Association – United Kingdom has opened this website for the use of Turkish and British art lovers as a social responsibility. The technical preparation of our corporate website took about two years. The most challenging point for us here was to write accurate and reliable content beyond the software. All content and images created have been approved by our advisory board. We know that we are at the very beginning of the work. We request from you, our dear Turkish painter friends, that if you send us your works and resumes, your works will be published on your page after the approval of the board. Your support is very valuable and important to us on this journey we set out to leave a deep-rooted legacy to future generations.

The aim of our Sales & Connection gallery is to bring Turkish collectors and painters together with the British art market and to make them more known in the international arena. British art lovers and collectors can directly contact the artist or collector of the work they want to buy.

As Turkish Painting Association – United Kingdom, you can apply for our institution, which is ready for all kinds of consultancy for personal, mixed and project exhibitions of Turkish painters, through our communication channels. You will be notified of the evaluation results of our advisory board and curators as soon as possible.

Turkish Painting Association – United Kingdom In addition to the deep-rooted history of Turkish painting, it continues its efforts to promote contemporary works of art and to reach British art lovers. In this context, it is in close relationship with both artists and collectors. In this context, a Sales & Connection Gallery has been opened on our corporate website.

We support the artistic development of our Turkish artists and work for their better recognition in the international art world. While transferring our historical depth in art to future generations, we also ensure their integration with the world. While doing this, we open all our communication channels to them. We are happy to build a bridge between our English and Turkish painter friends through digital communication channels that deepen every day. You can support us by following our youtube and instagram pages.

As Turkish Painting Association;

  • Certification, Expertise and Restoration under the control of the Academic Board
  • Turkish and British Painting Collection Consultancy
  • Turkish Picture Gallery Tours (Limited to Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir. (Service language: Turkish and English)
  • London Picture Gallery Tours (Service language: Turkish and English)

Also, if you are a living contemporary Turkish painter, you can take part in our pages when you submit your detailed CV and artwork. Consultancy for your art projects in the UK is provided free of charge by us.

Our institution carries out active studies on the artistic activities that our British painter friends will do in Turkey. In this context, our advisory board is working on the joint projects of our British painter friends and Turkish painters.

Turkish Painting Association, whose future vision is to establish a TURKISH ART HOUSE in London, cooperates with all relevant non-governmental organizations to achieve this goal. In this context, the donor is willing to put up for sale a part of the collection of works.

It will be an honor for us to see you among us on this occasion.


Turkish Painting Association Board