Pera Museum organizes “The Origin of Creativity” workshops for adults, inspired by the Isabel Muñoz: A New Story exhibition.
Pera Museum Learning Programs, inspired by the Isabel Muñoz: A New Story exhibition, prepared special workshops for adults. Bringing together various disciplines such as dance, storytelling, embroidery and artificial intelligence, these events will take place face-to-face and online.

Inspirational Exhibitions and Workshops
Pera Museum offers workshops for adults as part of the Photographs from Göbeklitepe and Its Surroundings exhibition. Isabel Muñoz's mysterious photographs create creative associations in the minds of the participants, inspiring their artistic production.

"Power Flower" Workshop Designed with Social Awareness
In the "Power Flower" workshop organized in cooperation with the Human Resource Development Foundation (IKGV), immigrant and local women come together around the unifying power of art. By examining Isabel Muñoz's photographs, "power flower" templates, which are powerful symbols of social identity, are designed. In the workshop "From Soil to Hoop: Decorative Embroidery" conducted by Melike Güven, symbolic figures in Göbeklitepe and its surroundings are embroidered on fabrics. Participants discover the meanings of ancient symbols and their current uses with different embroidery techniques.

Artificial Intelligence Workshop Bringing the Past to the Future
The workshop “Creating Videos with Artificial Intelligence” brings the past and the present together using technology. Inspired by the works produced by Isabel Muñoz for the Pera Museum, the participants practice combining the prehistoric world with technology and directing artificial intelligence.

Adventure in the Magical World of Dance: Dance Workshop with Inspiration from the Past
Conducted by Dilara Çekin and Berrin Yılmaz, the "Dance with the Inspiration of the Past" workshop welcomes those who are interested in dance at the Pera Museum. Participants step into the magical world of dance in the exhibition hall surrounded by obelisks under the influence of the works in the exhibition.

The Magical World of Storytelling: Family Stories Workshop
Inspired by the photographs of Isabel Muñoz, the "Seeds of the Story: Family Stories" workshop brings together those who want to discover the power of stories. Participants create new stories based on family stories and lived memories and learn the dynamics of telling these stories orally.

Tickets for Unique Workshop Experiences on Sale

While tickets for paid workshops can be purchased through Biletix, 50% discount is applied to PERAkart FAMILY members. Participants who need a Discord account for the online workshop will participate in unforgettable experiences in the magical world of history and art.

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