Ziyad Sultanov

Who is Ziyad Sultanov?

Painter Ziyad Sultanov, Artist was born in Baku Azerbaijan in 1959. He started painting when he was a child. He completed his secondary education between 1966-1974. With the support of his family, he entered the Azim-Azimzade Painting School in Baku in 1974. After completing his basic painting education in 1978, he entered the painting department of Nasrettin Tusi Azerbaijan State University in 1981. It was founded by the Academy in St. Petersburg in 1982. He was sent to St. Petersburg and continued his painting education in this city for two years.

St. During this two-year period in St. Petersburg, he made copies of the paintings and sculptures of great masters such as Italian, French and Dutch in the Hermitage museum. He graduated from the university’s painting department with honors in 1986. His diploma project and his works were taken into the private collection of the university.

The artist continued his work in Azerbaijan until 1995. Meanwhile, his studies were carried out in Moscow and St. It was exhibited in St. Petersburg, Baku and Cuba. His works were exhibited in many art centers in Europe. He participated in various group exhibitions.

In 1988, he became a member of the Azerbaijan Painters Union and the Russian Painters Union. The artist, who came to Istanbul in 1995, captured many corners of this historical and uniquely beautiful city on his canvas. His paintings are exhibited in various exhibitions with great admiration.

The artist interprets Istanbul's unique colors, vibrant light and seasons with great mastery and understanding of color. His skillful transfer of the still intact old streets, piers, houses and minarets of Istanbul onto his canvas makes us love Istanbul even more.

The artist's works were purchased by many collectors and painting lovers outside Turkey and found the place they deserved. Especially the views of Istanbul have gained special importance among collectors in the United States, Japan and Germany. Many of Sultanov's works were also presented to painting lovers at private auctions.

The solidity of the fictions in all of Sultanov's works, the harmony of colors, the technique of brushstrokes, and his great success in reflecting light make the artist undisputedly a great master among impressionist painters.

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