Yusuf Tarım

Who is Yusuf Tarım?

He was born on 13.01.1959 in Rize. He studied primary school in Havza and high school in Samsun. He has been living in Bodrum since 1995. As a painting education, he worked in the Ayla Eriş workshop for a short time. The artist has 4 awards, 25 personal and many group exhibitions. He participated in domestic and international art workshops.

The main goal in painting is to be permanent and good in universal value by insisting on a subject. He chose to paint doors and windows, which are a thin line between the private and the general person. He actively exhibits his works in his gallery in Bodrum (Atölye Yusuf Tarım).

1990 Manisa Vintage Painting Competition 1st and 2nd place
2008 Izmir Ege University 5th International Painting Competition 2nd place
2009 Izmir Çanakkale Naval Victory Painting Competition 3rd Place
2018 Hungary 5th Miniart Painting Competition 2nd place

Personal Exhibitions:

1991 Aydin-State Fine Art Gallery
1993 Manisa-State Fine Art Gallery
1994 Manisa-State Fine Art Gallery
1996 Bodrum-Haluk Elbe Art Gallery
2002 Izmir- Painting and Sculpture Museum
2002 Ephesus-Celsus Library

2002 Bodrum Municipality Art Gallery
2003 Bodrum Municipality Art Gallery
2004 Istanbul-Örümcek Art Gallery
2005 Bodrum- JazzNow Art Gallery
2006 Yalıkavak-Cafe Delmar Marina
2007 Bodrum-Haluk Elbe Art Gallery
2009 Istanbul-CEF Art Gallery
2010 Bodrum- Underwater Museum
2010 Istanbul-CEF Art Gallery
2010 Gümüşlük-Art House
2011 Gümüşlük-Art House
2012 Ankara- Bilkent AVM
2013 Istanbul-CEF Art Gallery
2015 Istanbul-CEF Art Gallery
2015 Bursa-SİMLA Art Gallery
2015 Ankara-Still Life Art Gallery
2017 Bodrum-Mor Art Gallery
2021 Cyprus-İsmet Vehit Güney Exhibition Hall

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