İş Sanat showcases Latif Demirci, one of Turkey's leading cartoonists, in the exhibition 'Writing-Drawing LATIF DEMİRCİ' İş Sanat Kibele Art Gallery showcases the half-century artistic life of Latif Demirci, one of Turkey's leading cartoonists, with his unique sense of humor, lines and characters he created. is commemorated with the exhibition "Writer-Drawer LATIF DEMİRCİ", which will be visited until June 30, 2024.

Emre Senan undertook the design of the exhibition, which was curated by the artist's daughter Yasemin Demirci and his close friend, journalist İhsan Yılmaz. Yasemin Demirci said, “My father would reveal the simple humor in every story and pay attention to the fine details. I didn't realize how large his archive was until I started collecting his personal belongings and drawings. “We think it is very important to see this archive, with its never-before-seen drawings,” he says.

İhsan Yılmaz says, "A very colorful, humorous history of the last 30-40 years of Turkey can be written with the help of Latif's caricatures," and adds that with this exhibition, they aim to both remind Demirci's work and introduce him to new generations.

The retrospective exhibition, which brings together Demirci's works with art lovers in a chronological and thematic order, with the adventures of the cartoon characters he created, the books he published, and his different works, covers the artist's period from the Gırgır period, which started in 1974, to his last cartoon published in 2022.

The exhibition was the result of a comprehensive archive study carried out among the works of Demirci, who kept the originals and published versions of all the cartoons he drew since Gırgır, the albums he compiled into books, his never-seen watercolor works and his drawing notebooks. In the exhibition, examples can be seen of the cartoons featuring unforgettable heroes such as Monster Sheep Orhan, Muhlis Bey, Arap Kadri, Yavlum Mithat and Mirsat, Press Bey, as well as the cartoons he drew for weekly magazines such as Nokta and Yeni Gündem, and the daily front page cartoons that continued for many years in Hürriyet. .

The exhibition, which reflects Demirci's artistic life chronologically and divides it into sections titled "On the Blossom", "The Germ Adventure" and "Monster Sheep Orhan", "Muhlis" and "Arap Kadri Are Born", "Mithat Gains Its Independence", "Translated by Latif Demirci" and "Press Bey" and "The Longest Newspaper Adventure", also includes Latife Tekin's book. There are also special works drawn by Berci Kristin for her novel Berci Kristin Garbage Tales, as well as drawings from her National Geoglathif album, in which she describes the complex relationship of humans and animals in daily life with satire, entertainment and masterful lines.

İhsan Yılmaz prepared the book of the exhibition, which will be published by Türkiye İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları. Yılmaz's texts include Latife Tekin, Yasemin Demirci, Turgut Çeviker, Hasan Bülent Kahraman, Selçuk Demirel, İrfan Sayar, Atilla Atalay, Tan Oral, Bahadır Baruter, Metin Üstündağ, Mehmet Çağçağ, Behiç Pek, Ergün Gündüz, Evrim Altuğ, Erdil Yaşaroğlu. and Zafer Temuçin. The book also includes the artist's caricatures and photographs from his family album.

The exhibition "Writer-Drawer LATIF DEMİRCİ" can be visited at Kibele Art Gallery until June 30, 2024. The gallery is open every day between 9.00-19.00.

Who is Latif Demirci?

He was born in Istanbul in 1961. His first cartoon was published in Gırgır magazine in 1975. He worked in Mikrop magazine in 1978-1979, and in Gırgır and Fırt magazines for the next ten years. Demirci, who was one of the founders of Hıbır magazine, published in 1989, later continued his work in the HBR Maymun magazine, which they published under their own name. The artist, who is the illustrator of the characters Monster Sheep Orhan, Muhlis Bey, Arap Kadri, Mithat-Mirsat, Press Bey, E-vli and Cepli, also appears in humor magazines as well as daily newspapers and weekly political magazines such as Yeni Gündem, Nokta, Panorama, Gazete Pazar, Söz. worked.

The artist, who opened two caricature exhibitions in the country and three abroad (Netherlands, France, Finland) in the 90s, created book covers, posters and cartoon works. Demirci, who received the cartoon award of the Turkish Journalists Association in 2004, 2009 and 2011, published 23 cartoon albums. The artist, who has a daughter, continued his drawings in Hürriyet newspaper since 1997. He passed away in Istanbul on June 5, 2022.

His books: The Selamın Aleyküm (1984), Tarzan ve Arap Kadri (1985), Yes Problem (1987), Eyvah! Mezun Oldum (1991), Mithat ve Mirsat (1991), Nostalcisi Kandilli (1992), Çeviren Latif Demirci (1996), Doğuştan Fenerli Mithat (1997), 2020 (2000), Köşeli Türklerden Press Bey (2001), Bugün Devlet İçin Ne Yaptın? (2002), Yavrum Senin Ülken Bir Melekti (2006), Press Bey Yazmışım Anasını (2006), E-vli ve Cepli (2006), Cırcırböceği Muhlis Bey ve Yavlum Mithat (2007), National Geoglathif (2012), Eyyy Siyaset (2015), Pandemili Korona (2020). The exhibition will meet art lovers at Kibele Art Gallery until June 30.