Assoc. Prof., Düzce University, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Department of Basic Art Sciences. Dr. The online painting exhibition titled "Urban Mutation", consisting of the works of Vildan Işık, was presented to the public at Düzce University Art Gallery.

Assoc. Prof. stated that urban mutation means sudden, unexpected or gradual changes in the character of an urban area. Dr. Vildan Işık stated that these changes, similar to biological mutations, can transform the physical appearance, function and spirit of the area and turn it into a completely different entity.

Assoc. Dr. The exhibition consists of artificial intelligence modifications of Vildan Işık's own canvas paintings; It successfully addresses current problems such as unplanned urbanization, loss of identity, earthquake threat and gentrification in a visual language.

The painting exhibition titled "Urban Mutation" can be visited at until April 30, 2024.