Painter Ünal Kuş and Painter Selmani Baki Kocaispir hosted art enthusiasts at Fırça Art Gallery in Ankara to exhibit their works. In the exhibition, the unique styles and artistic approaches of both artists were presented to the audience.

Lecturer Ünal Kuş, one of Hatay's important figures in the field of art and education, has been serving as both a founder and a teacher in Hatay for 37 years. The life story of Kuş, whose roots extend to Ordu, tells about the strong bond between art and education.

Kuş's education journey, which started in Ordu, where he was born and raised, gained momentum when he stepped into the teacher training school in Fatsa. After completing his teaching education, he studied sociology at Hacettepe University. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees at Izmir Dokuz Eylül University.

Known for his work in Hatay, especially in the fields of art and education, Kuş serves as a bridge by contributing to the cultural and educational development of the region. By sharing the experience and knowledge he has gained over the years with his students, he prepares them for the future and helps them discover Hatay's artistic potential.

Painter Ünal Kuş: “I worked as a teacher at the Ministry of National Education for a certain period of time, and then I started working as a faculty member at Mustafa Kemal University.” said.

Ünal Kuş, one of the well-established names of the art community, has been involved in art for 42 years. Kuş, who holds workshops and participates in symposiums in various countries in Europe, also makes a name for himself with his personal exhibitions.

Kuş, who stands out as both an academic and an artist, is the owner of many important awards in Turkey. He won many prestigious awards, such as the 2000 State Painting Award and the 85th Anniversary Turkish Grand National Assembly Grand Prize, with his magnificent paintings.

Continuing his artistic studies at Mustafa Kemal University in Antakya, Kuş makes significant contributions to Turkish painting in his workshop. However, the earthquake and the difficulties experienced afterwards turned Ünal Kuş's routine upside down.

Ünal Kuş, an experienced name in the art community, has been involved in art for 42 years. Speaking at the exhibition they opened in Ankara, Kuş shared his art journey and experiences.

Painter Ünal Kuş said, “The offer came from Ali Kemal Bey, the manager of Fırça Art Gallery. He contacted me because he liked it online. We opened this exhibition with my former student Selmani Baki Kocaispir. It makes me happy that he is a successful teacher. “We held this exhibition with the aim of being in Ankara and presenting our works to the art circle here.” he said.

Kuş explained the impact of the earthquake he experienced on his artistic work with the following words:

“The psychology of the earthquake was reflected in my figures. It affected us psychologically, both materially and spiritually. Naturally, it also affected the paintings we made. It was softer before, but after the earthquake, it seems to have become sharper and more aggressive, but it was inevitably reflected in my paintings, not as a direct earthquake painting but as a figure depicting the psychology of that earthquake, and I think this will continue in the future.”

Kuş also touched upon the importance of art education: “Art education in Turkey has gained importance in recent years. Educational philosophies evolved. Research and investigations on the artistic development of children in Europe show that education in this field is considered a very special education. We see that it is starting to become important in Turkey, too. We feel happy. In the past, artists grew up and progressed in a very random way, but now we see. Families consciously because they want him to be interested in art as much as he is interested in sports.”

Kuş, who also supports art activities for the elderly, said, “Every age group needs art. Art is a part of life and should help everyone develop their aesthetic tastes.” said.