Ümit Dilek Aydoğan

Who is Ümit Dilek Aydoğan? (1974 – Eskişehir)

She completed his primary, secondary and high school education in various provinces and districts of Turkey because his father was a member of the army. She entered Anadolu University Faculty of Business Administration in 1991. Realizing that he was unhappy in 1994, she successfully entered the Hacettepe University Fine Arts / Painting department, which was his dream, and took workshop lessons from Zafer Gençaydın and printing lessons from Hasan Pekmezci. In the same years, he performed vocals for various artists in the “Sazdan Söze” and “Genç Pop” programs on TRT. She graduated from school in 1998 and was appointed as a teacher at Şanlıurfa ÇEAŞ Anatolian High School, thanks to the formation training she received from Gazi University. He participated in social projects with his students in many parts of Turkey and held events and live performances in museums in the name of art. She gave painting, stained glass, jewelry design and folklore courses and worked on murals. “Review of Behçet Necatigil” “Rumi in Floral Ornaments” “General Information about the Customs Union and Its Effects on Art” “Zeus” “Psychological Effects of Colors” “Interview with Adnan Turani” and “Stone Decoration in Anatolian Seljuk Art” research, analysis, writing, painting and has published articles. An interview with him about art was published in the 60th issue of Culture and Arts Magazine “Capital of Literature” February 2024. She currently continues to work at Ankara Reha Alemdaroğlu Anatolian High School and trains young talents in the name of art.

Artistic Perspective

I reflect everything that I cannot express with words with colors and shapes, going beyond traditional rules and distorting the real thing. As a representative of the Abstract Expressionist approach in Contemporary Turkish Painting today, there is dynamism, movement and enthusiasm in my paintings. This reflects my personality and balances my energy and life in a positive way. This is how “POSITIVE ENERGY PAINTING SERIES” was born. For me, a blank canvas is like a journey open to all kinds of possibilities. It is a process in which I experience every state of emotion… Just like life… I pass the bond I establish with the outside world through an internal filter with the inspiration I get from nature, and transform it into a lyrical form with shapes, colors, lines and rhythms.

-2024 Ankara University Traditional Handicrafts Festival / Ankara
-2024 Hand in Hand in Hand Hand with Art for Unpleasant Society Neşet Ertaş Culture and Congress Center / Ankara
-2024 Mother's Day Exhibition Pari Art Gallery /Ankara
-2024 Karatekin University Art-Indian Workshop / Çankırı
-2024 IAaff Art and Antique Fair / Izmir
-2024 06 Design Exhibition TESK Art Gallery / Ankara
-2023 International Exhibition Batumi / Georgaa
-2023 design festa Gallery Tokyo / Japan
-2023 Güray Museum/ Cappadocia
-2023 Krishna Art Gallery /Ankara
-2023 Workshop Red Urla / Izmir
-2023 Luna Grande Art / Istanbul
-2023 Mosaic Art and Culture Center /Ankara
-2020 Ankara Art Platform "Ehli Hiref Exhibition / Ankara
-2018 "Heart to Colors and Traditional Handicrafts Exhibition-Büyükşehir Municipality Zafer Bazaar State Fine Arts Gallery/ Ankara
-2017 International Ankara Art Activities Painting Exhibition Büyüksehir Municipality Güvenpark Art Gallery/ Ankara
-2017 Mixed Painting Exhibition 365 Shopping Mall/Ankara
-2016 Mixed Painting Exhibition 365 Shopping Mall/Ankara
-2015 "Psychological Effect of Colors" exhibition and live performance with street children/Ankara
-2015 Mixed Painting Exhibition 365 Shopping Mall/Ankara
-2012 Mixed Painting Exhibition Natavega AVM/ANKARA
-2011 "Leave a mark on art" live performance/Ankara
-2010 "Ataturk" themed mixed painting exhibition/Ankara
-2009 November 24 Teachers' Day Exhibition-Zafer Bazaar/Ankara
-2006 Painting and Jewelry Design Exhibition-State Fine Arts Gallery/Şanlıurfa
-2006 Land Forces 20. Zırhlı Brigade Command Family Support Unit Mixed Painting and Jewelry Exhibition/DSI Exhibition Hall/ŞANLIURFA
-2004 METEF Fair Personal Vitray Exhibition/Şanlıurfa
-2003 Mixed April 11 Salvation Painting Exhibition/State Fine Arts Gallery/Şanlıurfa
-2002 Mixed 24 November Teachers' Day Exhibition/ Şanlıurfa
-2001 Personal Painting Exhibition-State Fine Arts Gallery /Şanlıurfa
-1999 Mixed Painting Exhibition/ Fine Arts Gallery/ Şanlıurfa
-1999 Mixed Teachers' Day Exhibition
-1998 Group Workshop Exhibition-AKM/ ANKARA
-1998 Group Workshop Exhibition-AKM/Sivas
-1997 Group Workshop Exhibition-Hacettepe University/Ankara

-2000 ‘‘ Think Şanlıurfa ‘‘ Success Award
-2001 T.C Ministry of Culture Sanliurfa State Fine Arts Gallery Directorate / Success Certificate / Sanliurfa
-2002 November 24 ‘‘ Teacher and Me ‘‘ First prize /Şanlıurfa
-2002 MEM Achievement Award / Şanlıurfa
-2003 ‘‘ Visual Culture Theory in Art and Design Education ‘‘ TOBB University of Economics and Technology Faculty of Fine Arts / Certificate of Participation and Success / Istanbul
-2006 Land Forces 20. Zırhlı Brigade Command Plaque-Achievement Award/ ŞANLIURFA
-2006 Land Forces 20. ZIRHLI Brigade Command Achievement Award/ Şanlıurfa
-2007 MEM Achievement Award /Şanlıurfa
-2009 MEM Achievement Award /Ankara
-2014 Çankaya District Governorate Certificate /Ankara
-2015 Türkiye Art Platform Entrepreneur Women's Honor Award/ Ankara
-2016 Turkish Art Association Turkish Culture Honor Award/Ankara
-2016 International Ankara Art Festival Turkish Culture and Art Service Honor Award/ Ankara
-2017 ‘‘ HAPPY COLORS ‘‘ Project Achievement Certificate/ Ankara
-2017 ‘‘ Heart to Colors ‘‘ project certificate of achievement / Ankara
-2021 MEM Achievement Certificate / Ankara
-2023 ‘‘ A New Beginning ‘‘ Participation Certificate / Istanbul
-2023 ‘‘ Our Days Moments' Certificate of Thank you /Ankara
-2023 Full Moon Participation Certificate /URLA /İZMİR
-2023 ‘‘ Katpatuka ‘‘ Participation Certificate/ Cappadocia
-2023 ‘‘ Sound of Sun ‘‘ Participation Certificate Tokyo/ Japan
-2023 ‘‘ International Exhibition ‘‘ Participation Certificate /Batumi /Georgia
-2023 Türkiye -Azerbaijan Friendship Award -Year Teacher /Azerbaijan
-2024 ‘‘ Decorative Jewelry Accessory Workshop ‘‘ Workshop Certificate/Çankırı
-2024 IAaff Antique and Art Fair Appreciation Certificate/ Izmir

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