Turgut Atalay

Who is Turgut Atalay? (1918 Konya – 2004 Istanbul)

He was born in Konya in 1918. He attended primary and secondary school in public schools and then Istanbul Boys’ High School. When he was 17, he entered the State Conservatory and studied with Adnan Saygun. Between 1936 and 1945, he studied at the Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts, first in the workshops of Nazmi Ziya Gülan, then in the workshops of İbrahim Çallı and Léopold Lévy.
He worked with the German sculptor Rudolf Belling for two years. In 1940, he joined the New Group movement founded under the leadership of student Léopold Lévy. He participated in various activities of this group, which proposed painting with “socialist-realist” concerns, which emerged as a movement against the D Group, especially the Harbor Exhibition on 19 May 1941. He married Mualla Hanım in 1947. He worked as an art teacher for 4 years.
A painting he painted in Edirne in 1946 was accepted to the international exhibition sponsored by UNESCO in Paris. Atalay participated in various exhibitions with his oil paintings. He started working in the genre of theater decorations and was recruited to Istanbul City Theaters by Muhsin Ertuğrul. In 1946, he designed the stage for Cevat Fehmi Başkut’s play “Baykuş”. He worked as a guest designer at Kenterler Theater for 4 years. In 1955, one of his reliefs won the Etibank award.

He showed his true creative power in this field by decorating a total of 300 classical and modern plays, 12 operas and 27 operettas with a contemporary approach. He passed away in Istanbul in 2004. He has works in the Istanbul Painting and Sculpture Museum, other museums and galleries, and private collections. It has a mixed style that includes demonstrative and decorative effects in a figure-oriented line.

1940 Community Centers Turkey First Prize, 1941 Community Centers Appreciation Award, 1955 Etibank Award, 1964 Academy Award, 1987 Ministry of Culture Award, 1988 Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Award, 1991 Mimar Sinan University Gratitude Award
Awards in theater
1970 İlhan İskender Gift, 1970 Şiller Medal, 1970 25 City Theatre, Plaque, 1989 Avni Dilligil Gift, Plaque

Personal Exhibitions
1937 Şişli Community Center, Istanbul
1938 Şehremini Community Center, Istanbul
1948 Ankara Art Lovers Association
1964 Beyoğlu City Gallery, Istanbul
1966 Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul
1970 Taksim Art Gallery, Istanbul
1972 Beyoğlu İş Bankası Gallery, Istanbul
1973 Biz Art Gallery, Istanbul
1974 Beyoğlu İş Bankası Gallery, Istanbul
1974 Biz Art Gallery, Istanbul
1975 Ümit Yaşar Gallery, Istanbul
1977 Ümit Yaşar Gallery, Istanbul
1978 Moda Art Gallery, Istanbul
1980 Moda Art Gallery, Istanbul
1981 Gallery Baraz, Istanbul
1982 Etba Gallery, Istanbul
1983 Ankara State Gallery
1983 Ankara Kavaklıdere University Hall
1985 Etba Gallery, Istanbul
1987 Soyak Gallery, Istanbul
1987 Selvin Gallery, Istanbul
1988 Soyak Gallery, Istanbul
1989 Almelek Gallery, Istanbul
1989 Vinci Gallery Istanbul
1990 Almelek Gallery, Istanbul
1990 Doku Art Gallery, Ankara
1991 Doku Art Gallery, Ankara
1992 Doku Art Gallery, Ankara
1992 Almelek Gallery, Istanbul
1993 Doku Art Gallery, Ankara

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