Abit Güner, a painter from Trabzon who made a name for himself in the art community with his works, passed away.

It was learned that Güner, who did not have any illness, was found dead at home by his son.

While the death of the deceased painter devastated the art community and his loved ones, Güner's funeral prayer will be performed tomorrow at İskenderpaşa Mosque following the afternoon prayer. After the prayer, the deceased's body will be buried in the Bahçecik family cemetery.

Who is Abit Güner? He was born in Trabzon in 1947. He completed his education in Trabzon. He lived in Germany between 1972-1998. During this period, he conducted research and studies on Painting in Germany.

Painter Abit Güner has taken his mastery in still life paintings to another dimension in landscape painting. He presents a completely different visual artistic feast by skillfully using every shade of color in his palette in his landscape paintings and still nature paintings from the Black Sea region where he lives. The most important feature of Abit Güner is that he produces fascinating works in the styles of realism and hyperrealism. While the artist produces eye-catching original works with his naive personality and unique style, he has long deserved the title of master of still life and colors. One thing is true: when he stands in front of that canvas, he goes on a deep journey with his command of colors and wisdom... In a way, this journey is considered the ancient journey of painting!.. Because people become passionately attached to every painting created by him and cannot leave it easily. This passion of the artist for painting has led him to be known all over the world with his successful works. "Especially" his still lifes and naive-fantastic landscapes of the Black Sea region took him to the peak of his art.