Bodrum, three artists, three generations together, Özgün Ünlü – Deniz Ada Özkan Painting Exhibition, Korkmaz Ünlü – Özgün Ünlü 'Signing Day' Deniz Ada Özkan 'Piano Recital' B.B. Culture Inc. It meets with art lovers at the Mausolos Exhibition Hall.

At the event, which will be held on February 2, at 17.00, at the Mausolos Exhibition Hall, with an autograph session, a painting exhibition and a piano recital, eighty-four-year-old retired teacher Korkmaz Ünlü will publish the poems he has kept for sixty years with his poetry book titled 'Everything is As You Know', and his daughter, the writer and painter Özgün will write the famous 'Two Faces of Abuse'. and 'The Key is Under the Pope', his three-dimensional and versatile paintings, and the unique paintings of Özgün Ünlü's 16-year-old daughter, Deniz Ada Özkan, will exhibit the works of three generations.

Özgün Ünlü, who said how art brings a family closer together and even glues them together and that art is a new language of communication between them, continued his words as follows: "As my daughter grew up and became interested in art, the winds of art began to blow in the family. Our little daughter inspired us. When Korkmaz Ünlü took the lead for his daughter and grandson and unearthed old love poems, the paintings that the family had written and created over the years were presented to art lovers. Writer and painter Özgün Ünlü has kept his paintings and writings to himself for years and has not been able to share them with anyone. He coined a syndrome name for these personality structures, which are the common characteristics of himself and his father. He explained this syndrome as follows: 'Da Vinci Syndrome'. Artists are never satisfied with their own work, they do not believe that what they produce comes from themselves, because that hand is their hand, but it is a part of the nature they imitate. It is the opposite, nature and the world are so magnificent that the artist knows that he cannot reflect, renew or portray it himself. For this reason, I adopted neither my writings nor my paintings. What brought me to my senses was my father's words: 'I burned what I wrote, don't burn yourself, girl'."

Özgün Ünlü answered the question of why literature and why painting by saying, "Writing, which is the most indelible and most beautiful means of transmission of thought, and literature, which is its architecture, are the most important art that penetrates and permeates the souls of the masses best, and painting is my effort to imitate the unique beauties in nature. What we do as a family cannot be compared to the beauties that this life offers us. In fact, putting two words side by side is nothing more than adding color to a piece of cloth. I didn't set out to do something. While I was living my life, searching for something, actually searching for myself, art was the place where I anchored and took off, and the best thing that connected me to life.

In his book 'Two Faces of Abuse', published in the personal development category, the author objectively draws attention to crime, criminals and victimization, types of abuse, and that the world revolves around abuse. As soon as we start the day, we are being exploited at every moment, with the lyrics of the song we listen to on the radio, with the slogans in the advertisements and with the signs on the street. The book, which he started writing as a rebellion against the abuses imposed by the system and the abuses he experienced, took its place among the useful books with the appreciation of experts. He thinks that in order for a civilization to reach a higher level of understanding, it is necessary for society to produce and create useful and beautiful things.” He made a statement as follows.