Painting and sculpture artist Adviye Bal's new exhibition "Timeless", consisting of her oil paintings and sculptures, met with art lovers at Red Rouge Art Gallery.

According to the statement made by the gallery, the exhibition, curated by Derya Aydoğan, consists of the artist's silhouette works that make references to human energy levels.

Artist Bal, whose views are included in the statement, said about his works in the exhibition: "If there is no event, no object, no starting point, there is no present. If there is no present, there can be no past or future. So, where there is nothing, there is no time. If we exist, there is time." she said.

The founder of the gallery, Ayşe Aslı Akkülah, said, "This exhibition of Adviye Bal, which is one of the exhibitions within the scope of the opening of Red Rouge Art Gallery, which is a criticism of the current art environment, creates an expression language that explains our vision." she shared her opinion.

The exhibition, which aims to offer viewers a journey between colors and figures, can be seen until March 23.