Anna Laudel Istanbul hosts Ekin Su Koç's personal exhibition "The Rebirth of Venus", full of works prepared and produced in Berlin and Ayvalık, until December 31, 2023. The exhibition deals with the themes of the female body, gender prejudices and liberation from a modern perspective.
Ekin Su Koç's works are inspired by "The Birth of Venus" by Botticelli, one of the important artists of the Florentine Renaissance. However, Koç's works consider the female body independently of today's norms and transform it into a contemporary art language. Classic works such as “3 Beauties for Their Own,” “Just 2 Beauties,” and “The Re-Creation of Adam” are questioned from a humorous perspective.

Feminist Manifesto with the Power of Art: Ekin Su Koç's Perspective
Under the influence of 3rd wave feminism, Koç's works challenge binary gender norms and celebrate the diversity of the body. The exhibition is not just an artistic expression, but also addresses themes that are important today, such as femininity, female creativity, and the weakening of patriarchy.