As part of the 2024 Turkish-Hungarian Culture Year, the "Hungarian Icons" exhibition, which brings together the belongings of Hungarian celebrities living in the 20th century and the works inspired by them, was opened in Tekirdağ.

Tekirdağ Governor Recep Soytürk, in his speech at the exhibition organized by the Liszt Institute Hungarian Cultural Center at the Yahya Kemal Beyatlı Cultural Center Fine Arts Gallery, said that Turkish-Hungarian friendship has been further strengthened in recent years.

Stating that they often come together with Hungarians through organized events, Soytürk said that they were happy to host the Hungarian Prince Rakoczi in Tekirdağ approximately 300 years ago.

Stating that Turkish-Hungarian friendship dates back to ancient times, Soytürk said, "Today, we are together again for an original and beautiful art event. Approximately 300 years ago, Rakoczi was in our city. His private secretary, Kelemen Mikes, has a book. I read it carefully. At that time, "What's going on in Tekirdağ? The book gives serious information about life, trade and agriculture in Tekirdağ." he said.

Hungary's Consul General in Istanbul Attila Pinter also stated that he was happy to be in Tekirdağ.

Stating that all the pieces in the exhibition are souvenirs and works of art, Pinter noted that the collection has been exhibited in many countries and that they chose general figures from sports and cultural life for the exhibition in Turkey.

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candan Yüceer, Provincial Culture and Tourism Director Ahmet Hacıoğlu and art lovers attended the opening of the exhibition.

It includes items such as the oven shovel used in the factory where world-famous Hungarian porcelain is produced, Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian scientist Katalin Kariko's straw, Golden Ball-winning Hungarian football player Florian Albert's jersey, Wimbledon champion Balazs Taroczy's tennis racket, as well as paintings made in various techniques. The exhibition can be visited until the end of the month.