İsmail Acar, one of the pioneering names of contemporary Turkish painting, opened his first exhibition in Kazakhstan.

As part of the 100th anniversary events of the Republic, the exhibition titled "Memory", consisting of the works of the famous Turkish painter Acar, was opened in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, by the Turkish Embassy in Astana.

Turkey's Ambassador to Astana Mustafa Kapucu, his wife Ahu Kapucu, former Kazakhstan Ambassador to Ankara Abzal Saparbekulı, the countries' diplomatic mission chiefs, painters and many Kazakh art lovers attended the opening ceremony of the exhibition held at Talan Gallery.

The exhibition, which included 40 oil paintings by İsmail Acar, attracted great attention from visitors.

Painter Acar expressed his happiness to the AA correspondent at the opening ceremony of his exhibition in Kazakhstan.

Providing information about his works, Acar said, "I try to do new things based on the land and geography of my birth. I take traditional themes and reinterpret them." said.

Stating that he named his exhibition "Memory", Acar said, "We are all actually looking for our memory. Both the world and us, the Turkish states, are looking for our memory. Therefore, I brought my works that express common values and memory to this exhibition." he said.

Acar stated that there was great interest from visitors to the exhibition and said, "I was very surprised by the interest of the visitors. I was very pleased that my paintings were met with such interest in a geography that we feel close to but I do not know very well." he said.

The exhibition will remain open to visitors until January 15.