The personal painting exhibition titled "Blue Hour", organized by Düzce University Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Painting Department, was presented to visitors at Mihri Müşfik Art Gallery.

Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Lecturer Assoc. Aslı Işıksal's personal painting exhibition includes mixed media works on paper. “Blue Hour”, also known as twilight, refers to the time before sunrise or just after sunset. During this period of time, which occurs as a result of the upper atmosphere illuminating the lower atmosphere, the earth is neither completely light nor completely dark. This ambient light, which has influenced many artists from past to present and is defined as unusual, is also called "Blue Hour". In short, this interval between day and night represents the time when living things begin to withdraw into their own world, as well as indicating that the habitat is preparing for a fresh awakening.

Aslı Işıksal stated that the exhibition titled "Blue Hour" was designed based on this interval, which almost reminds us of the zero point of the earth, and said: "Since this time period represents the beginning and the end, it provides a perspective from which we can deepen our thinking compared to other hours of the day. In essence, Blue Hour is a time when the invisible becomes visible and represents the intense labor behind all the productions we encounter during the day. It initiates many activities such as opening the shutters, baking the bread, sweeping the streets, collecting the garbage or removing the switches. Parallel to these efforts of invisible people, stray animals are in the same rush and invisibility. For example, twilight is a time when stray dogs swarm, look for food/water, and seek shelter from the cold and danger. In short, it is the time for vital efforts to meet needs. He shared his thoughts about the exhibition with the following statement: "All of the works in the exhibition are mixed media on paper."

The personal painting exhibition titled Blue Hour will be open to visitors until May 17, 2024.