Film Director, writer and painter Tayfun Pirselimoğlu's personal exhibition titled "Strange Times" opened at Istanbul Concept Gallery.

Making a statement to the AA correspondent about the exhibition, the artist said that he has always held thematic exhibitions and produced paintings based on a story.

Pointing to the title of the exhibition, "Strange Times", Pirselimoğlu said, "I can say that my acquis is based on strangeness. I think everything is very strange, but especially the times we live in contain a lot of strangeness. This exhibition is a continuation of the previous ones. Because there is no end to the strangeness, everything is "Repetition is one of the issues that I am most obsessed with. The fundamental basis on which this exhibition stands is the manifestation of the age we live in and its constant repetitions." said.

- "I'm trying to find the equivalent of weirdness in me"

Expressing that it is strange to define strangeness, which is the main theme of the exhibition, Pirselimoğlu said, "Whatever we accept as normal in our daily lives contains a strangeness. What is strange to me may not be strange to you now, but it may appear strange to you at another time. I am a person who is different for everyone." "I am trying to find the equivalent of the strangeness in myself, and I am tracing a strangeness in me that is the average of all these." he said.

Tayfun Pirselimoğlu stated that the work that is the subject of the poster of the exhibition is a representation created when he draws the figures in the crowd one by one and said:

"In fact, they are the existing boxers in the crowd. All these representations are pictures that I produce within my fantasy, coming out of my own view of the strange. When you show this meaning, people create their own stories about it. I am building a world here, and the audience in that world is from one end of it." "They are moving towards their own stories. What I give is only the ends of the rope. Sometimes there are people who tell much more than the weirdness I designed. I find this very valuable because I am just an intermediary and I open the door to that world of weirdness."

Pointing out that he defines himself as a director and that producing a film is a very arduous process, Pirselimoğlu said, "I see writing and drawing as getting rid of the beating I received as a director and healing my wounds." made his assessment.

The "Strange Times" exhibition can be visited at Istanbul Concept Gallery until May 16.