Graphic Designer and Fine Arts Teacher Dr. in Odunpazarı district of Eskişehir. "Anatolia", Songül Esin Erol's first solo exhibition, created with ceramics, madder and tree roots, using printed figures and traditional motifs, met with art lovers at Oda Art Gallery.

Making the opening speech of the exhibition, Erol stated that he was happy to open his first personal exhibition and said, "You will not see the acrylic paints on canvas that you are accustomed to and familiar with. There are slightly different, slightly more eclectic works." said.

Stating that he focused on three motifs in particular among the rug motifs, Erol said, "Elibelinde is a female figure, it tells about fertility and reproduction. The ram's horn is a male figure, it tells about heroism and power. We also have a star figure. This motif tells about luck and abundance. By using these motifs, the root "I made a different work using paint, threads, ceramics and real tree roots." he said.

Many visitors representing various branches of art attended the opening, where various works using Ram's Horn, Elibelinde and Star motifs were exhibited.