Sinan Balta

Who is Sinan Balta?

He was born in Istanbul in 1984. He graduated from Trakya University, Department of Restoration in 2005. The artist, who studied traditional Turkish handicrafts and technical drawing throughout his school life, turned completely to watercolor after working with charcoal for many years.

He created a unique style by combining the unique architecture of Istanbul with the natural color transitions and stains of watercolor. The artist, who is a member of the International Watercolor Society (IWS), took lessons from Işıl Özışık for a while. He received the best Turkish Young Artist award in the competition held by the International Water Color Association in Gaziantep, where 65 foreign artists and more than 100 Turkish artists from 45 countries participated.

2017 Gaziantep Art Center, Istanbul-Türkiye
2016 Yunus Emre Cultural Center, Istanbul-Türkiye
2016 Yorum Art Gallery, Istanbul-Türkiye
2016 Mor Kaftan Art Gallery, Istanbul-Türkiye
2016 Yorum Art Gallery New Year Exhibition, Istanbul-Türkiye

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