The Faculty of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition was opened at the Fikret Otyam Foyer Area of ​​the Faculty of Fine Arts. The opening of the exhibition was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Prof. Dr. Sibel Paşaoğlu Yöndem, Deputy Dean Assoc. Umut Kayapınar, academicians, students and their relatives attended. At the Faculty of Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition; The works of sixty-three students from the departments of painting, graphics, fashion and textile, cinema-TV, photography, traditional Turkish arts, sculpture and ceramics were exhibited.

Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Prof. Dr. Sibel Paşaoğlu Yöndem said, “As you know, in this special year in which we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our establishment, in which our Faculty of Fine Arts has left behind a quarter of a century, with various events, we are extremely happy and excited to be opening our 2024 graduation exhibition in the Fikret Otyam Exhibition Hall, which we opened in this special hall with the contributions and participation of our esteemed rector. You are graduating from Akdeniz University, Faculty of Fine Arts, which is one of the strongest and most assertive universities in Turkey in the fields of science and art. As you step into your next life, we, your teachers, are extremely proud, proud and happy, just like your precious family who raised you. In my opinion, those years that were full of difficulties, ease, funny and entertaining moments, experiences that were sometimes painful but in reality prepared you for life, and sometimes full of indescribable joys, are perhaps the most important years in a person's life, your university years are about to turn into memories ready to be remembered.” said.

Recommending that you should not be afraid to fail in your life journey, Yöndem said, "Remember that the one who has not failed has probably never tried. Keep your morale high. Embrace positivity in your memories as well as in your future life, do not be pessimistic, always have hope. You are one of the young people who passed our faculty through an aptitude test and have already been proven to be special, so to speak. So, I would like to say, give justice to this special creation of yours. Make art, let your art be real and passionate. “Nurture your soul always.” he said. Dean Prof. Dr. Sibel Paşaoğlu Yöndem thanked those who contributed to the organization of the exhibition and wished success to her graduating colleagues.

Assoc. Prof., Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Ceramics. Dr. Figen Işıktan: “We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of our Republic. We, as women and artists in general, carefully understand its importance. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of our faculty. We are a young, dynamic faculty of 25 years old. We are ready to train new students, and there is one more important thing. Fikret Otyam Art Gallery was opened this year with the contributions of our dean and rector, and for the first time, the exhibition of our 2024 graduates will be opened in this gallery. This is another important matter. These students, as the product of my long work, have another feature. As you know, these students joined us during the pandemic period and worked very persistently. Their teachers wove them together and created the works we see in this field. “I congratulate all of them and thank their teachers very much.” said. After the speeches, the exhibition was opened and art lovers visited the exhibition.