Savaş Simitli

Who is Savaş Simitli?

He was born in Izmir in 1960. He completed his primary and secondary education in Izmir. He graduated from Izmir Ataturk High School in 1978. He entered the Gendarmerie Petty Officer Class School in 1983.

From the moment he stepped into the profession, he started painting entirely by trial and error, without taking any training or lessons. With this behavior, he created the opportunity to create his own color and style in his art. He devoted his first ten years to research and studies. Trying all the styles created so far enabled him to specialize in color knowledge. Doesn’t the picture emerge with the integrity of color harmony anyway?

In 1996, he won first place in the competition he participated in by designing the badge (logo) of the Gendarmerie General Command, which is still in use. He took part in the establishment of the Gendarmerie Museum in 2004 and designed the stamp issued on behalf of the Gendarmerie in 2004.

It is observed that in his works of a period, he divided the surfaces into pieces as an extension of the cubist style of understanding, without compromising the integrity, and created an illusionist style of understanding. These works generally consist of figures and themes that involve movement. He completes his works in series of 25-30 pieces and opens exhibitions in this way. These series include Anatolian women's headdresses, phaetons, efes, tango and figurative works.

He paid attention to including historical textures in his Istanbul-themed works produced in the impressionist style. Between 2012 and 2015, he worked intensively on paintings on sea waves and sea battles. These works are generally large in size.

His work titled "Hear My Silent Scream", within the scope of the Perspectives Art project organized by AbbVie in collaboration with Patient/Artist in 2014, was among the three works selected from Turkey and was exhibited in 15 countries.

Acting with social responsibility awareness, he opened personal exhibitions for the benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation, TSK Education Foundation and ADD Scholarship Students, and also participated in many group exhibitions for such projects.

He took a protest stance and gave up participating in the Soldier Painters exhibitions, which he attended regularly until 2008, when he saw the mistakes made in the selection of works.

After his retirement in 2006, he continued his painting works at the Antigone Art House, which he founded. The artist has been going to Istanbul every week since 2016 and continues to give courses at Perart Studio here. In 2018, she opened the S. Simitli Art Workshop & Gallery bearing her name.

He still continues his studies here and gives painting courses.

Personal Events:

– 1998 75th anniversary of the Republic / OSMANİYE

– 2001 For the benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation/VAN

– 2001 For the benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation/HAKKÂRİ

– 2001 For the benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation/SİİRT

– 2001 for the benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation/ŞIRNAK

– 2001 For the benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation/YÜKSEKOVA

– 2006 For the benefit of Mehmetçik Foundation/Military Museum-İSTANBUL

– 2007 For the benefit of TAF Education Foundation/Military Museum-ISTANBUL

– 2007 Design Plaza/ANKARA

– 2008 Design Plaza/ANKARA

– 2009 Design Plaza/ANKARA

– 2009 Ankart Art Meeting/ANKARA

– 2010 Artform Art Fair/Ankara

– 2010 West Birlik Art Gallery- (for the benefit of ADD Student scholarship) /ANKARA

– 2011 ANSE MDM Art Bridge/ANKARA

– 2011 4th Ege Art International Art Event/ANKARA

– 2012 Büyük Abant hotel and congress center/ABANT-BOLU

– 2012 Ankart Art Meeting/ANKARA

– 2012 1st International Afrodisias Meeting of Colors Art Camp/ARACASU-AYDIN

– 2013 Ördedli Cultural Center/BURSA

– 2013 Galerie d'Art Perles Rouge Art Gallery/Paris-FRANCE

– 2013 Karabağlar Municipality Exhibition Hall/İZMİR

– 2013 Alsancak Gallery EN Atölye/İZMİR

– 2013 Antigone Art House/ANKARA

– 2014 2nd International Afrodisias Meeting of Colors Art Camp/ARACASU-AYDIN

– 2014 Turkish Japanese Cultural Foundation/ANKARA.

– 2014 Gallery BOHEM/Nişantaşı-İSTANBUL

– 2014 Antigone Art House/ANKARA

– 2015 1st Art Ankara International Art Fair/ANKARA

– 2015 LVZZ hotel/BODRUM

– 2015 Journalists Association 1st International Painters Meeting/ANKARA

– 2015 Panora AVM/ANKARA

– 2015 Emin Ancient Art Gallery/ANKARA

– 2016 2nd Art Ankara International Art Fair/ANKARA

– 2016 Mor Art Gallery/Bodrum

– 2016 Nişart Gallery Nişantaşı/İSTANBUL

-2017 3rd Art Ankara International Art Fair/ANKARA

-2017 Galerie Linda Farrell / PARIS

-2017 The Strand Gallery/ LONDON

-2018 4th Art Ankara International Art Fair/ANKARA

-2018 Toloman Hotel/ Bitez- BODRUM

-2018 MZ Cafe / ANKARA

-2019 5th Art Ankara International Art Fair/ANKARA

-2019 MOR Art Gallery LVZZ Hotel- BODRUM

-2020 Art Ankara International Art Fair/ANKARA

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