Sabahattin Camcıoğlu

Who is Sabahattin Camcıoğlu?

Sabahattin Camcıoğlu was born in 1951 in Kırcaali Bulgaria. He started painting at the age of 5-6 with the interest and encouragement of his painter aunt. He studied at the Painting Department of the Sofia Academy. He improved his talent and art by attending the workshop of the famous Bulgarian painter Ivan Stanivof.
He immigrated to Turkey from Bulgaria in 1974. Although he tried to use his talent in different jobs to make a living, he could not stay away from painting any longer and established his workshop. He played a role in the training of so many young painters that he cannot even remember the number of them. Many of them still continue their artistic lives as famous painters in our country and abroad.
The works of the artist, who works in the impressionist style, find buyers both at home and abroad.
Bulgarian immigrant painter Sabahattin Camcıoğlu learned the tricks of painting, point of view, framing, perspective, proportions, light and shadow from his aunt at a young age. The great artist Sabahattin Camcıoğlu has a poet father and a painter aunt. Therefore, he was introduced to painting at a very young age.
The artist, who received his education at the Ivan Stanivof workshop in Bulgaria, came to Istanbul at the age of 26. The artist opened his first personal exhibition at İstiva Art Center. The artist, who is interested in literature, has read both Western and Eastern classics. He is an artist who attaches great importance to improvisation in his works.

He always says that painting is what he needs most after food and water. He always advises his students to think while drawing and to draw while thinking. The master, who is passionately devoted to the art of painting, currently continues his work with his student Mustafa Eldeniz in his workshop in Istanbul.

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