Rüzgar Fidan

Who is Rüzgar Fidan?

Rüzgar Fidan, who was born in 1964, attended Gazi University’s art department after graduating from Ankara İncesu High School. He has worked and trained on Anatolian handicrafts (tile-ceramic, copper decoration (and relief), wood decoration, wood carving, model, sculpture and wall relief) for 35 years. Apart from comics and cartoons, he illustrated 168 magazines, books and book covers. In addition to these, he worked on charcoal and etching painting throughout that time. He is an amateur musician (playing baglama) and has 420 poems and 51 compositions.

He has been working on oil, acrylic and decorative paintings for the last 16 years and has been doing research on all schools of painting practiced in the world – and the methods applied. After all this, he developed his own painting technique. In short, he not only uses the painting method, which he has reduced to five stages, but also gives training. The method he calls “wet floor technique” briefly consists of five stages: pattern, intermediate color, shadow and necessary colors, general light, and final light. While this method allows the painting to be painted more quickly and in a controlled manner, it increases intellectual and design courage as it facilitates and accelerates the skill phase.


The artist, who received more than forty awards and plaques for his various activities and works on the art of painting, has been teaching courses on ratio, color knowledge, composition knowledge, dimensional works and oil painting techniques in a private workshop in Ankara Balgat for 5 years. He gives seminars on the impact of art when creating a career at universities, together with experts on its resources. The artist, who opened 44 personal exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions, continues his studies on painting and education in his own workshop in Kadıköy.

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