The paintings drawn by the famous Russian painter Yevgeni Lanseray, who came to Ankara in 1922 and put his observations about Turkey and the War of Independence on paper, were reinterpreted by artificial intelligence years later and presented to art lovers in Marmaris.

Russia-Turkey and Russian-Turkish People Friendship and Solidarity Painting Exhibition was opened at Armutalan Cultural Center. Assoc. Dr. The exhibition, brought to Marmaris by Aleksandr Sotniçenko, included the paintings of the Russian painter Yevgeni Lanseray, who lived between 1875 and 1946 and spent part of his life in Ankara, which have been reinterpreted today. Marmaris Municipality Deputy Mayor Ummahan Kabaçam, Vice Mayor Suzan Zift and members of the Marmaris Russian Culture and Cooperation Association living in Marmaris attended the opening of the exhibition.

Assoc. Dr. Aleksandr Sotnichenko showed the participants of the opening around the exhibition and told the pictures and their stories one by one. The colored and large versions of the pencil drawings of Lanseray, who was also on the fronts of the War of Independence as a war correspondent, were drawn by artificial intelligence, adhering to the originals, and were watched with interest. At the exhibition, Yevgeni Lanseray's book titled 1922 Ankara Summer, consisting of both his drawings and memories, was also presented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Introduced by Alexander Sotnichenko. The exhibition also included the painter's portrait of Atatürk drawn on the facade and his works depicting human views from the facade.