The painting exhibition "My Reflection" by Russian twin sisters Valentina and Helen Chernykh was presented to art lovers in the Bodrum district of Muğla. Twin sisters named Valentina and Helen Chernykh, following in the footsteps of their grandfather and father, who were painters, opened a painting exhibition at a venue in the district.

Valentina, one of the Moscow-educated artists who tries to capture the beauty that exists in every moment of life and the essence of the human soul, sheds light on the human soul with her portraits of Helen while beautifying life.

The works of the two painters, presented to art lovers in Bodrum, were greatly appreciated. Answering questions from members of the press at the opening, Helen Chernykh said, “My works are in the genres of realism and symbolism. I like to mix the two styles. I paint what I feel, daily life. “I paint things that touch my soul.” said.

Valentina Chernykh stated that they paint positive things that make people happy and said: “I want people to be happy when they look at the picture. That's why I paint my paintings with bright colors. I don't portray negative situations. We are very happy to open this exhibition here today. I love this place so much. "I always wanted to open an exhibition here," he said.

Valentina Chernykh said that the exhibition includes two separate works in which they depict their own portraits in the same work. The exhibition titled My Reflection, which includes 33 works of the two painters, can be visited for a month.