Remzi Taşkıran

Who is Remzi Taşkıran?

Born in Adıyaman in 1961, Remzi Taşkıran completed his high school education in Istanbul. She took art lessons from Sadettin Çağlarca.

The artist further developed his talent for painting during his military service. His works are in domestic and international collections and are exhibited at auctions. Taşkıran explains his understanding of art as follows:

“I have been drawing and painting since my childhood. I still draw and paint. I express my feelings and thoughts with pictures. When creating a painting theme, I first design it, create the finished work in my memory, and then use paints and colors to make the theme I think about visible. Arts; They are instruments of expressing feelings and thoughts, literature, sculpture, painting, architecture, music, theatre, cinema, photography and its sub-branches…

Civilizations are built on three legs; science, art and philosophy. If these are not present in a society, civilization cannot be mentioned. While science invents our vital tools, philosophy creates our logical truths. Of course, artistic people also have an economy. Art must be left behind in order to be sustained. This must be met by those who are interested in his works, otherwise his work will be interrupted. Because in order to take his art to a higher level, he should only engage in art.”

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