Recai Öztürk

Who is Recai ÖZTÜRK?

Recai Öztürk, who initially drew pictures on the walls with spray paints, later started painting on canvas with watercolors and oil paints. The CV of Recai Öztürk, who prefers vibrant colors, is as follows;
He was born on 21.04.1989 in Diyarbakır. He moved to Sakarya with his family after he was 2 years old. In Sakarya, where he started his primary school life, he stepped into the unique world of painting with “Graffiti”. The sketches he made on paper were later transferred to the wall with spray paint. He met one of our valuable painters, Vahap Demirbaş, in 2012, during a graffiti work in Eryaman.
Thus, spray paints were replaced by watercolors and oil paints; Walls were replaced by canvases. Now the brushes have started to do the talking. Hüseyin Sartaş, one of our valuable painters whom he met in 2015, has also been a great guide on this path, which he progressed with the help of Vahap Demirbaş.

In his current works; As a student of two master painters, the similarities in their brush techniques are easily felt. He uses depth and detail very often in his works. He works with vibrant colours.

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