Ratip Tahir Burak

Who is Ratip Tahir Burak?

He graduated from the Higher Maritime School in Heybeliada in 1921. He published his first cartoons in Aydede magazine in 1922. Between 1926 and 1928, he studied painting in Paris with the support of İsmet İnönü. After returning to Turkey, he worked as an art teacher and as an illustrator for various media outlets. One of them is that he had one of his first professional experiences; P’st magazine is published in French. The artist, who settled in Ankara in 1936, drew cartoons for the Ulus newspaper, as well as working as a painter in some official institutions.
He returned to Istanbul in 1950 and started working at Hürriyet newspaper. His attempt to publish a newspaper called Halk was short-lived. He was sentenced to 16 months in prison in 1956 for a politically critical cartoon he drew in Halk newspaper.[2] He served as Representative of the Republican People’s Party in the Constituent Assembly (January 6, 1961 – October 15, 1961) and as a Deputy of Istanbul in the 1st (XII) Term. He produced comic book series for Akşam and Yeni İstanbul newspapers. Some of his works were also compiled into books.

Cartoonist’s Jokes, 1953
Prison Memories, 1963
Barbarossa, 1963
His works in Ankara Painting and Sculpture Museum
Ergenekon 2
Ergenekon 1

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