Within the framework of the third art meetings held at Kastamonu University, the Impact of Anatolian Civilizations on Contemporary Turkish Painting Talk and Prof. Dr. Meliha Yılmaz's personal exhibition "Mythological Traces" attracted great attention.

Within the framework of the "Art Meetings-3" event organized by Kastamonu University Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Gazi University Gazi Education Faculty Fine Arts Education Department Painting Education Department faculty member Prof. Dr. Meliha Yılmaz met with students and art lovers in the conversation titled "The Effect of Anatolian Civilizations on Contemporary Turkish Painting". Within the framework of the event, a talk titled "The Effect of Anatolian Civilizations on Contemporary Turkish Painting Art" was held at Kastamonu University Central Library Sezai Karakoç Hall. In the interview, Prof. Dr. Meliha Yılmaz stated that in her works, the human-human, human-nature and human-universe relationships were basically reflected, which were carved by the proto-Turks, who spread over a wide geography, on the rocks on the geography and migration routes in which they lived, and that she took the two-dimensional linear elements in these paintings from the rocks and moved them to the canvas surface. He said that he interpreted it with a contemporary understanding by combining it with other elements of art.

Prof. Dr. Yılmaz emphasized that the rock paintings, which reflect the beliefs, rituals, daily lives, hunting, and even entertainment of the proto-Turks, also contain mythological narratives, and noted that an intense symbolic expression in the artist's works is inevitable, as mythological dreams in these paintings constitute the main source of his works. At the end of the interview, Prof. Dr. Yılmaz answered the questions of the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design.

After the conversation, Prof. at Kastamonu University Fine Arts Gallery. Dr. Meliha Yılmaz's personal painting exhibition, in which she blended Turkish mythology and Anatolian civilizations with modern lines, was presented to art lovers. It consists of 37 works in total and is written by Prof. Dr. Yılmaz's 20th personal exhibition, titled "Mythological Traces", attracted great attention from academic staff and students. The exhibition can be visited until March 4, 2024.

Speaking at the interview held within the framework of the Art Meetings-3 event, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, Prof. Erol Yıldır expressed his satisfaction with bringing valuable artists and students together in the 2023-2024 academic year and the interest shown in the events, and stated that the art meetings activities will continue rapidly in the spring semester, when art and the nature that inspires art come to life. Prof. Yıldır said, “Within the framework of Art Meetings-3, they can share their knowledge and experience with our students and us with Prof. Dr. "We thank Meliha Yılmaz," he said.