Gönül Aydın


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Artwork Location: Türkiye
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    • Who is Gönül Aydın? Painting the main themes of humans and inner lives, Gönül Aydın aims to express the ugliness that people do not want to reflect outside. Here are sections from Gönül Aydın's life: Gönül Aydın was born in Trabzon in 1975. He graduated from Karadeniz Technical University, Fatih Faculty of Education, Department of Fine Arts in 2004. He worked as a Visual Arts Teacher in many schools in Trabzon. He acted as an actor at Private Trabzon Art Theater for 3 years. In addition to her personal works in her workshop named Gönül Sanat in 2010; He also gave Fine Arts preparation and hobby lessons. The artist, who is also a Member of the Culture and Arts Board of Trabzon Municipality, has been working in his workshop in Ankara since 2013. Gönül Aydın expresses her understanding of art with the following words: "If you are interested in at least one branch of art, you inevitably have an opinion, an expression of opinion. I am actually someone who does not need to say many words. For this reason, I chose to express my problem by using many colors with few words. My subjects are generally "human" and you can see their inner lives, the thoughts they want very much but cannot reveal - even the reflections of the ugliness they do not want to reflect outside. In this respect, I have no problem with the subject. The time I am in, the people and places I communicate with or cannot communicate with, nourish me. "Even if I close my eyes, I can say that what I hear is enough for me." EXHIBITIONS 2017 Souls Clan, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Çankaya, Çankaya Municipality, Ankara 2014 Emaneten, Solo Exhibition, Müjdat Gezen Art Center, Panora AVM, Ankara 2013 Trabzon-Tbilisi Art Bridge Femin Art International Women Artists Mix, Tbilisi 2013 Trabzon Artists Traditional Plastic Arts Exhibition, Trabzon 2013 Red-White Traditional Group Exhibition, Istanbul Group Exhibition for the Benefit of the 2012 Van Earthquake, Trabzon 2012 Animal Protection Association Mixed Exhibition, Trabzon