Cenan Uyanusta


Technical: Acyrilic Canvas
Dimensions: 80×80 cm

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Artwork Location: Türkiye
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    • Who is Cenan Uyanusta? Cenan Uyanusta, who reflects his influences on canvas or glass, is one of Turkey's most popular artists abroad. Here are sections from Cenan Uyanusta's life.. He was born in Istanbul. He graduated from Mimar Sinan University, State Faculty of Fine Arts (DGSA), CERAMIC-GLASS Main Art Department. He worked on "mixed media" with Therman Statom, Henry Halem, Michael Taylor, Marsha Blaker and Paul de Somma, and participated in workshops and group exhibitions. He opened exhibitions in Türkiye, Japan, England, USA and Italy. He taught "mixed media" courses at Yıldız Technical University and "glass sculpture" courses at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts. He continues his art and education activities in his own workshop in Istanbul. Stating that he is influenced by almost everything and that reflecting the things he is influenced by on canvas or glass is a form of expression, Cenan Uyanusta bases this on "art's ability to prevent being limited to a certain material and technique." Believing that the concept of art will develop in constant search, the artist pursued blending different techniques by being introduced to Mix Media, which means making art with mixed materials, after studying glass at the university. Thus, he continues his art life by adding paints without removing glass from his life.