Akdoğan Topaçlıoğlu



Technical: Acyrilik and Mixed Technique

Dimensions: 70×60 cm

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Artwork Location: Türkiye
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    • Who is Akdoğan Topaçlıoğlu? Akdoğan Topaçlıoğlu, who graduated from Gazi University, Söbütay Özer and Mustafa Ayaz workshops, was impressed by the erotically evocative stories in Mustafa Ayaz's paintings. Sections from the life and art of Topaçlıoğlu, who has an impressive, original and satisfying style... He was born in Ankara in 1959. He graduated from Gazi Faculty of Education, Department of Painting, in 1983. He is a member of the United Painters and Sculptors Association and the professional association of fine art owners. He has works in many exhibitions and collections at home and abroad. Moments spent with instantaneous brush touches, lines, paint and colors continue until the desired aesthetic and poetic feeling is achieved. Female figures, horses, goats and other complementary figures stand out with a strong effect against the serene and abstract stain in the background. It searches for the taste between abstract and concrete elements. Emotion and movement are the primary elements that Lekeci wants to highlight in his figurative style paintings. SELECTIONS FROM EXHIBITIONS 1990 National Lottery Art Gallery - Ankara 1991 Gallery Soyut - Ankara 1992 Emlakbank Art Gallery- Istanbul 1995 Oda Art Gallery- Istanbul 1996 Oda Art Gallery- Istanbul 1997 Gallery Soyut - Ankara 2000 Şekerbank Ömer Sunar Art Gallery - Ankara 2001 ART-Istanbul Art Fair- Istanbul 2002 Ankara Art Fair - Ankara 2003 ART-Istanbul Tüyap-Istanbul