The "Painting Today" exhibition meets art lovers starting today. The exhibition, which includes 68 works made by 28 artists in the last 5 years, will be open until August 11.

Regarding the importance of the "Painting the Present" exhibition, Güngen said, "We wanted to return to painting again this year. We wanted to present the intellectual side of painting here, taking it away from the market a little. We believe that a very good work has been done. In the exhibition, you will see the works of 28 artists made only in the last 5 years. In the last 5 years "What happened in the painting, what did the painting, which constitutes one of the most important columns in the history of art, do? We tried to depict it with 28 artists." said.

Burcu Çimen also explained that they went through an intense research process while preparing the exhibition and that they focused on the artists in this process.

Çimen said, "During our preparation process, we created a non-thematic exhibition plan in which the curators remained in the background. We are carrying out a dialogue-based working process together with Didem Yazıcı. We had an exhibition process where everyone's ideas and opinions were evaluated and the topics were discussed." he said.

The exhibition, which includes a total of 68 works, can be seen at Yapı Kredi Culture and Art Gallery until August 11. As part of the exhibition, a special opening tour will be held tomorrow and on May 18, accompanied by a curator.