Izmir Point Bornova Shopping Center continues to bring art to Mira Art Gallery visitors. Artist İpek Öztürk Savaş's 6th personal painting exhibition titled "Calm Rebellions, Deep Changes" will be held on 16 February 2024; It opens its doors to art lovers on Friday. Mira Art Gallery continues its mission of bringing together artists in Izmir who express and experience emotions through the universal language of art.

In her exhibition titled "Calm Rebellions, Deep Changes", artist İpek Öztürk Savaş meets her audience once again between 16 February and 1 March 2024. The exhibition will open its doors on Friday, February 16 at 18:00; Art - Figures that reject consistency in the line of life are looking for a different starting point. Words can hit people sometimes with their tone, emphasis, sometimes with their meaning or as a whole. He conveys this transformation/change process, in which he is both impressed and kneaded with words, in his works with a calm interpretation. The exhibition turns into a journey that questions the artist's experiences with identities such as motherhood, working woman, wife and child, and the roles imposed by society. This exhibition is especially a rebellion against the identity of being a woman and the pressure that identity brings with it; It contains a calm but rebellious attitude towards sexualization. While brush strokes show themselves clearly in his works, his mixed technique works with the use of different materials offer striking effects.

İpek Öztürk Savaş's 6th personal exhibition titled "Calm Rebellions, Deep Changes" can be viewed at Point Bornova AVM Mira Art Gallery until March 1, 2024.