Painter Zehra Sengir will present her painting exhibition themed "Colors in the Song of Birds", consisting of her works made in acrylic and oil painting techniques on canvas, to art lovers at SANKO Art Gallery on May 3, 2024.

Sengir said that his works are reflected in the world of dreams, the breadth of the heart and the fluttering of the wings of birds, the symbol of freedom. Explaining that the concept of time and space is almost non-existent in his works, Sengir said, "I want to present a wide range of flavors to the audience with different texture experiments by constructing each of my works in an endless universe, a timeless space." Expressing that he was very excited to introduce his works to the art lovers of Gaziantep, Sengir said, "I invite all art lovers to the exhibition opening and to watch my works." The painting exhibition with the theme of "Colors in the Song of Birds", which will include 25 works by Zehra Sengir, will open on Friday, May 3, 2024 at 17.30 at SANKO Art Gallery, located on the third floor of SANKO Park AVM.

Zehra Sengir, who graduated from Izmir Buca Faculty of Education with outstanding success, was sent to Paris by Ankara Art Magazine to conduct research and analysis. She received "Proficiency in Art" from Istanbul Mimar Sinan University. He was appointed as an Assistant Professor at Ondokuz Mayıs University, Department of Fine Arts Education. After retiring from the same department, she continues her artistic work in her workshop in Samsun. He has participated in more than 200 national and international exhibitions, workshops, biennials and triennials at home and abroad as an invited artist, and has 25 personal exhibitions, 4 of which are abroad, and 8 awards, 2 of which are from abroad. The artist, who has works in domestic and international private collections, museums and public institution collections, is a member of BRHD, UPSD and KPSD.