The works of the famous painting and sculpture artist Serkan Bayer, which gave life to the Anatolian Contemporary concept, met with art lovers at the exhibition opened in Beyoğlu. Following the exhibition, which was first opened in Istanbul, the exhibition was planned in four legs, respectively in TRNC, Florence and Stuttgart. Works created with the concept of Anatolian Contemporary Art, which the artist Serkan Bayer found, developed and formed the theoretical basis for, were presented to art lovers.

Famous painting and sculpture artist Serkan Bayer first opened the doors of his workshop in Kadıköy to art lovers in 2021 and exhibited his works created with the concept of Anatolian Contemporary. Anatolian Contemporary Art themed works found and developed by the artist Bayer were presented to art lovers again at an art gallery in Beyoğlu. There was intense interest in the exhibition, which consisted of approximately 20 works. It was learned that the works, which will be exhibited in Beyoğlu for approximately 20 days, will later be presented to art lovers in 3 more countries: TRNC, Florence and Stuttgart.

Famous painting and sculpture artist Serkan Bayer, who presented his works to art lovers in the exhibition he opened in Beyoğlu, said, “These paintings have a feature, they are all 5-layered. In other words, there are 3 more layers worked on Leonardo Da Vinci's 2 layers. I studied this and brought it to this stage. When I reached the number to open an exhibition, I decided to open the exhibition. Actually, I was supposed to open this exhibition last year, but I had a serious illness. There are a total of 20 works in the double hall. "This is the hall where 5-stroke works are located," he said.

Stating that the feature of the works is that they constantly change during the day, Bayer said, “They constantly change during the day according to the angle of light of the sun, this is the feature of the works. Dear Can Atilla designed the sound for the works. The curators are Uğur Bekdemir and TRNC METU campus rector Cumali Sabah. The art dealer of the exhibition is Gülin Turgut. We will continue with this staff abroad. This journey has begun, I will not be able to open an exhibition in Turkey for a long time because this route is a very long route. With the participation of Mr. Ersin Tatar, there is Cyprus, Nicosia, then Italy, then Germany. This takes 10 years. Thank you to all participants, we hosted many collectors. "From now on, I want to take Anatolian Contemporary to the whole world as Turkish art, whether as an attitude, a movement or a perspective, with determination, struggle and work," he said.