Curated by Prof. Dr. The painting exhibition titled "Touching Life" by painter Salih Keleş, made by Kıymet Giray, met with art lovers from Ankara. The exhibition opened at Kuğulu Art Gallery will be open to visitors between 15 April and 10 May.

Famous painter Salih Keleş, who draws attention with his original style, met with art lovers in Ankara with his painting exhibition "Touching Life". The exhibition containing 32 works awaits its visitors at Kuğulu Art Gallery.

By touching the people of the time he lived in, he presents the traces of his own life to the future.
Painter Salih Keleş touches the people of his time and presents the traces of his own life to the future with the paintings he made in the footsteps of new realism. The paintings that are reflected on the canvas by touching the lives of people in daily life are compositions that only detect "that moment", free from the artist's own questioning comments. Salih Keleş, who constructs his artistic sensibility with his perceptions while painting figurative compositions of the subjects he chooses from the environment in which he lives with his visual perception, without any questioning, thus witnesses the moments and memories in the daily life environment, in the environment where his life flows.

Painter Keleş's paintings, which are created with his unique meticulous technique, color selection and harmonies, and whose subject is "living human landscapes", are highly appreciated.

Curated by Prof.Dr. The exhibition "Touching Life" undertaken by Kıymet Giray can be visited until May 10.

Who is Salih Keleş?
Salih Keleş was born in 1964.

He settled in the Dragos district of Istanbul in 1966.
In 1987, he graduated from Marmara University Atatürk Education Faculty, Painting Education Main Art Department, Muammer Öner Workshop. Between 1987 and 1988, he conducted research and studies at the UK National Gallery, Tate Gallery, The British Museum and Hayward Gallery.
He opened his first personal exhibition at Akbank Kuzguncuk Art Gallery in 1992.
He opened his second personal exhibition at Çatı Art House in 1997.
In 1997, he participated in the 7th TÜYAP Art Fair on behalf of Çatı Sanat Evi. In 1998, he opened his third personal exhibition at Tolga Eti Sanat Sanat Evi.
In 1998, he received an award in the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality 75th Anniversary Painting Competition.
In 2000, Karadeniz Ereğli opened her fourth personal exhibition at AKM Art Gallery.
He opened his fifth personal exhibition at Kartal Art Theater Gallery in 2001.
He opened his sixth personal exhibition at Art Studio in 2003.
In 2003, he opened his seventh personal exhibition at Çatı Art House.
In 2003, he participated in the 22nd TÜYAP Art Fair on behalf of Çatı Sanat Evi.
He opened his eighth personal exhibition at Maltepe Art Gallery in 2005.
In 2005, he participated in the TÜYAP 24th Art Fair on behalf of Maltepe Art Center.

In 2006, he participated in the TÜYAP 25th Art Fair on behalf of Maltepe Art Center. In 2006, he participated in the ASPAT Bodrum Art Symposium. In 2007, the book titled "1989-2007" "Salih Keleş", which includes his works, was published with the texts of Prof. Dr. Ayla Ersoy. In 2010, he opened his ninth personal exhibition "Şehir Chatleri" at CKM Art Gallery.

In 2011, he opened his tenth personal exhibition "Rhythm of the City" at Çırağan Palace Kempinski Art Gallery.
In 2014, he opened his eleventh personal exhibition "People, Faces and City" at Ziraat Tünel Art Gallery.

In 2015, he opened his twelfth personal exhibition "Backyard of My Memory" at Türkan Saylan Cultural Center.
In 2019, he opened his thirteenth personal exhibition "Unexpected" at Sucular Art Gallery.
In 2021, she participated in the "Love Talkers Group Exhibition" at the Rome Cultural Center.
In 2021, he participated in the "Love Talkers Group Exhibition" at Pera Palas Galata Hall.
In 2022, he participated in the "I Am Where You Left Me" Group Exhibition at Soho House Art Gallery.
He participated in the "Group exhibition" at Touch Art Gallery in 2022. He opened his fourteenth personal exhibition at Ziraat Kuğulu Art Gallery in 2024.

He continues his work in his workshop in Dragos, Istanbul.