Painter Safter Çevirgen said, "Art embraces everyone and provides a unifying power under these common values, regardless of people's language, religion, race and color."

Painter Çevirgen stated that art affects people's lives in many aspects and said, "Art strives to make sense of the world and give it meaning. It develops the ability to express oneself and creativity for individuals of all ages, especially children."

Stating that the importance of art in human life is not limited to these, Çevirgen said:
"A good work expresses emotions, provides a deeper understanding of the aesthetic effort, and helps to be open to new ideas and experiences. It contributes to association and productivity. The importance of art has also been the subject of much scientific research. Various types of works of art reach different parts of the human brain. It also supports cognitive development in terms of learning and understanding difficult concepts for people. It allows solving problems and understanding more complex concepts more easily by providing a visual/auditory format instead of just words or numbers. Art encompasses common values. It is based on people's language, religion, race and color. "It embraces everyone under these common values, regardless of the situation, and provides a unifying power."