The painting exhibition themed "Ayıntab Bastası" includes 27 works by Gülümay Çiraz, created using mixed techniques on canvas.

Stating that he was proud to realize one of his biggest dreams by opening an exhibition in Gaziantep, where he was born and raised, Çiraz said, "I would like to thank the art lovers of Gaziantep who showed interest in my works."

Who is Gülümay Çiraz?

Gülümay Çiraz was born in Gaziantep in 1969. She graduated from Gazi Primary School, Gaziantep Girls' Vocational High School and Gazi University, Faculty of Art Education, Graphic Department. He worked as a graphic designer at Gaziyurt Printing House and Packaging.

The artist, who shares the magical world of art by teaching visual arts in different provinces of Turkey, has been giving charcoal painting, watercolor, oil painting and acrylic painting training at Çankaya Public Education Center since 2010.

"Since art is not only a profession for me, but also a way of life, I continue my work in my workshop in Ankara," said the artist, adding that art; He says that it is a means of expressing his feelings and thoughts and that it means freedom of expression for him.

The artist, who participated in many exhibitions at home and abroad such as Greece, Bulgaria, Egypt, TRNC, and the Contemporary Arts Museum Painting Workshop, has works in the collections of many institutions and organizations.