Painter Emine Kasap Karakoç will present her "Cycle" themed painting exhibition, consisting of her works made with acrylic and oil painting techniques, to art lovers at SANKO Art Gallery on Friday, November 17.

Stating that he reflects his thoughts on canvas in the purest and unprotected way, Karakoç said, “I bring together works with philosophy and subject matter with art lovers. All living things in nature will continue to live back and forth under the Dome of the Sky for thousands of years. Since life is a cycle, the subject of cycles comes to the fore in my works,” she said.

Reminding that he attended the workshop in Gaziantep in 2016, Karakoç said, “In addition to being an industrial city, Gaziantep is also a special city with its rich history, geographical location and cultural heritage. "I am happy to present my works to art lovers from Gaziantep in my personal exhibition hosted by SANKO Art Gallery," she said.

The "Cycle" themed painting exhibition, which will include 20 works by Emine Kasap Karakoç, will open at 17.30 on Friday, November 17, at SANKO Art Gallery, located on the third floor of SANKO Park AVM.

Who is Emin Kasap Karakoç?

Emine Kasap Karakoç was born in Gürün, Sivas, and studied primary and secondary school in Sivas. She graduated from Sivas Primary Teacher Training School in 1974.

Karakoç, who was awarded first place in Samsun Ondokuz Mayıs University Art Teaching Department in 1976, retired from the public sector in 1999.

The artist, who has participated in more than 100 group exhibitions in the country so far, has participated in exhibitions in the Netherlands, USA, France, Poland, Ukraine, Lebanon, Iran, Nakhchivan, Albania and North Macedonia.

Karakoç, who is a member of the Professional Association of Fine Art Work Owners of Turkey (GESAM), the Turkish Professional Association of Scientific and Literary Work Owners (İLESAM), the Sivas Poets and Writers Association (SİYŞAD), and the United Painters and Sculptors Association (BRDH), is in his workshop in Ankara Çankaya Dikmen. continues his artistic work.