The exhibition of painter Emine Bayraktar's pastel paintings met with art lovers at the Istanbul Equestrian Sports Club. Bayraktar stated that the emotional nature of horses and their importance in culture impressed him.
Painter Emine Bayraktar's exhibition "Horse Passion with Pastel Touches" was presented to art lovers at the Istanbul Equestrian Sports Club (İASK).

The artist, who draws attention with his pastel paintings on different themes, talked to the AA correspondent about his interest in painting, his drawing technique and his plans for the future.

Bayraktar said that he made a few horse portraits for his personal exhibition held in Üsküdar years ago, and when it attracted attention, he concentrated on horse portraits.

Underlining that he has been preparing for this exhibition for about two years, the artist said, "I love horses, they are very emotional animals. They also have an important place in our culture. They are the symbol of power, courage, trust, loyalty and wealth. Horses have always been in war, agriculture, transportation and life. "The place of the horse in our culture is already very important." she said.

Emine Bayraktar pointed out that the anatomy and muscle structures of the horse also influenced her as a painter and said:

"Horses are very emotional animals. That's why I loved horses. I even thought, 'Will I get bored when I work with so many horses?' "Believe me, I still have the enthusiasm to work. When I came into close contact with them, I felt their emotions so intensely that I inevitably formed a very intense bond in this process. But I didn't realize it. What I desire most in the works I create is the audience. "To be able to convey that feeling to art lovers. The greatest beauty of being in the Istanbul Equestrian Sports Club for me is to bring together my paintings with athletes who establish a real bond with horses."

"There is no end to my project dreams"

Emphasizing that he works in a realistic style and gives a lot of attention to details, Bayraktar said, "There are different materials we use. Sometimes we do it with pencils, sometimes with spreaders, sometimes with our hands. Our paper is also very important. I work on sandpaper. Sandpaper is a toothed and textured paper, and pastel is already powder." "It is a paint with a very high pigment and very high quality. It can last for many years." he said.

Painter Bayraktar stated that he attaches great importance to international fairs and that he participated in the International Qatar Fair with 5 Arabian Horse portraits and gave the following information:

"I made a pastel horse work at the fair. They also gave me an award from that fair. Apart from that, a gallery in Qatar was interested in my horse works there and bought them. The World Arabian Horse Beauty Contest, which is held every year in France and this year in Qatar My works were exhibited in Istanbul. This, of course, made me proud. My project dreams have no end. I have a workshop, and I have students from the age of 17 to 55. My goal is to hold an exhibition with them. Afterwards, I will participate in fairs abroad related to my own works. "I have requests like this."

Emphasizing that individuals inclined to art should receive education regardless of the branch, Bayraktar stated that the discovery of especially little artists begins in the family and said, "With their small world, they can become great artists in the future. This world needs artists. Art is universal and something that can change everyone's perspective. Everyone has a talent." "I hope he will be interested in art." made his assessment.