Painter Orhan Zafer brought together his painting exhibition with the theme "Birdtime", consisting of his works made with acrylic technique on canvas, with art lovers at SANKO Art Gallery.

Stating that SANKO Holding adds value to the society with social responsibility projects as well as the economy of Gaziantep and the country, Orhan Zafer said, "Bringing together distinguished artists with art lovers in Gaziantep, SANKO ensures that the society meets with cultural and artistic events with the support it gives to art and artists."

Stating that colors are the spoken language and alphabet of painters, they need light, Orhan Zafer said, “Light; It makes the colors in our outer world visible and gives us the power to make new journeys with its energy. "The short breaks on these journeys are the artists' personal exhibitions," he said.

Explaining that he also took on the role of a spectator while presenting his latest works to art lovers, Zafer said, "This is a very exciting process for evaluating the journeys in pursuit of light."

"SANKO Art Gallery hosts very qualified exhibitions," said Zafer, and continued: "Bringing together distinguished artists with art lovers from Gaziantep, SANKO Art Gallery is an art center that hosts the most important exhibitions in Turkey after Istanbul and Ankara. Art lovers from Gaziantep are very lucky. SANKO Holding's unconditional support to art and artists with its understanding of social responsibility and continuing this consistently should be an example for other private sector organizations. On behalf of the entire art community, I would like to express my gratitude to the Konukoğlu Family and the SANKO Art Gallery management, who have always been pioneers in this sense and made the art community feel the value they give to art and artists.”

Zafer added that he was very excited and happy to open his 12th personal exhibition in Gaziantep.

After the speeches, SANKO Art Gallery Executive Board Member Murat Köylüoğlu presented the publication titled Zeugma Fırat's Necklace to Zafer.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by Gaziantep University Faculty of Fine Arts Dean Prof. Dr. Mustafa Cevat Atalay, Harran University Faculty of Education Painting Department Head Assoc. Dr. Emine Küçük, painters Nurten Çatıkkaş Kale, Ayşegül Bakkaloğlu, Mümin Candaş, Gaziantep Chamber of Commerce Fine Arts High School Painting Teachers Hüseyin Yıldırım, art lovers and guests attended.

The painting exhibition with the theme of "Bird Time", which includes 24 works by Orhan Zafer, can be visited every day between 10.00-22.00 at SANKO Art Gallery until April 26, 2024.


Orhan Zafer was born in Trabzon in 1971. He graduated from 19 Mayıs University, Faculty of Education, Department of Painting. In addition to his painting works, he is interested in caricature and photography. The artist participated in 11 personal and many group exhibitions and organizations in Çorum Alaca, Vienna (Austria), Antalya Kalkan, Ankara, Bodrum, Helikon Museum's Gallery (Hungary), TRNC and Adana, and received 13 international, national and special awards in the competitions he participated in. . Zafer, who organized many national exhibitions, also served in many national and international competition juries. The works of the artist, who is a Board Member of the Turkish Cartoonists Association, the United Painters and Sculptors Association and the Black Sea Plastic Arts Association, have been auctioned many times and his works have been accepted to important public and private museums. Within the scope of the "private gallery in the name of a person" project, which was implemented for the first time in Turkey, a private gallery in the name of "Orhan Zafer Gallery" was opened in Ankara RC Galeri Bilkent Sanat Street. A special artistic paint brand named 'ozblue-ozmavi' registered the blue color that the artist used most and produced it and put it on the market in 2015. The artist, who continues his career as an expert art educator and head of the painting department at Ordu Fine Arts High School, continues his artistic works in his workshop named "Atölye Mavi".