Orhan Zafer

Who is Orhan Zafer?

Graduated from 19 Mayıs University, Faculty of Education, Department of Painting. In addition to his painting works, he is interested in Cartoon and Photography.

He participated in 10 personal and many group exhibitions or organizations. As a result of the competitions he participated in; He received twelve awards, including three international, eight national and one special award.

Orhan Zafer, who organized many national exhibitions, also served as a jury in many national and international competitions. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Turkish Cartoonists Association, the United Painters and Sculptors Association and the Black Sea Plastic Arts Association. His works have been auctioned many times and his works have been accepted to important public and private museums.

Ankara RC Gallery is located in Bilkent Sanat Street within the scope of a private gallery project for individuals, which was implemented for the first time in Turkey in Bilkent Art Street; A private gallery named ‘Orhan Zafer Gallery’ was opened.

A special artistic paint brand registered the blue color that the artist used most, under the name 'real blue-ozmavi', and produced it and put it on the market in 2015.

He continues his career as an expert art educator and Head of the Painting Department at Ordu Fine Arts High School. He continues his artistic works in his workshop named "atölyeMavi".


1-(Dream) Cultural Center - 1998 Alaca – Çorum-

2-(O Heart) 7-10 October 2010 Vienna - Austria

3-(Moonfaceless) 13-30 October 2013 Kalkan Culture Hause - Antalya

4-Orhan Zafer Gallery 27 September 2014 Bileknt Art Street - Ankara

5-(Harmonic Dreams I) Dibeklihan Art Village 11 July 2015 - Bodrum

6-(Lost Colors and Sounds I) Helikon Museum's Gallery- Hungary- 27 Jul. 2015

7-(The Mystery of Blue) Emin Antique Gallery – / Kale Ankara. March2016

8-(Lost Sounds and Colors II) Çorum Plastic Arts Museum 18 October 2016

9-(On the Trail of Don Quixote) Muratpaşa Municipality Exhibition Foyer- Antalya 27 April -6 March 2018

10-Near East University Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts 30 January 2020


-Trabzon Municipality National Cartoon Competition Jury Duty

-Ordu Governorship 'Four Seasons Army' National Photography Competition Jury Duty

-22. Balaton International Painting Competition Vonyarcvashegy-Hungary 2014

-IV. ‘VoVa’ MiniArt International Painting Competition Vonyarcvashegy-Hungary 2015

-National Golden Line Fine Arts High Schools Pattern Competition – Ordu/2016

-IIV. ‘VoVa’ MiniArt International Painting Competition Vonyarcvashegy-Hungary 2018

-National Golden Line Fine Arts High Schools Pattern Competition – Ordu/2018

-Dalyan Art Festival Secondary Schools Environment and Marine Pollution Painting Competition 23 April 2018

-III.National Golden Line Fine Arts High Schools Pattern Competition – Ordu/2019

-28-30 November International Göbeklitepeart International Exhibition-2019 Exhibition Jury


-I Want My Theater National Cartoon Competition. Çorum - Kemalist Dream. Der. special award

-Çorum Alaca Büyükcamili Kilim Motifs (Research) Achievement Award 1996

-Environment National Cartoon Competition (Yozgat High School 100th Anniversary event) – Yozgat

-Historical Houses National Cartoon Contest. Trabzon Akçaabat- First prize 2005

-Environment International Cartoon Competition. Adapazarı- Honorable Mention-2007

-Honourable Mention in Ordu Province Themed Photography Competition – 2007

-Drought, Water International Cartoon Contest. TEMA - First prize -2008

-Barrier-Free Library' National Cartoon Competition. Sinop - First prize 2013

-Bolu and Köroğlu ' National Painting Competition - Honorable Mention - 2015

-Happy Kids National Cartoon Competition Success Award -2006

-Haberci Newspaper 2017 Artist of the Year Award

-Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts Silver Key Award 2020

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