Orhan Köse

Who is Orhan Köse?

Attract attention with his paintings on the theme of rural life and urban transformation. Orhan Köse’s artistic background is as follows;

He was born in Ankara. After primary and secondary education, he worked as a chemical technician in various organizations. He started photography at a young age with his older brother Ali Köse. He continued his documentary and sun printing workshops at Ankara Photography Artists Association (AFSAD).

He worked on the Beliefs and Beliefs project in the Southeast within the scope of AFSAD – Gap projects. He has studies on charcoal workers, metal foundries, urban transformation, rural life, and recycling workers.

Orhan Köse is also interested in the art of painting, photographing the slums of Altındağ district, where he was born and where he still lives, at night, day, summer and winter, together with the people living in them. He studied for a while in the workshop of Azerbaijani painter Mövsüm Oruçov. He opened two personal exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions. He still continues his work in his workshop in Ankara Castle.

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