Orhan Gürel

Who is Orhan Gürel?

Orhan Gürel, who allows us to boldly jump into the increasing gaps between the reality people live in and the existing reality, is a painter who makes all images transparent by feeding them with water. Sections from Orhan Gürel’s life story are as follows:

Born in Sivas in 1952, the artist completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara and attended the School of Financial Sciences and Accounting.

He started painting during his high school years with the encouragement of his teacher Eşref Üren.

He switched to watercolor in 1987. Gürel creates soft and poetic paintings while preserving the transparent texture of watercolor.

The artist, who keeps his workshop open to all those who love painting, says that his aim is to make watercolor painting known and appreciated in our country.

Orhan Gürel, a member of the United Painters and Sculptors Association and the Watercolor Painters Group, has works in many collections at home and abroad (USA, England, Turkmenistan, Italy).

“In Orhan Gürel’s paintings, we boldly jump into the ever-increasing gaps between the reality people live in and the existing reality. We get lost in the transparent clouds formed by water, the iridescent sea that collects all the light of the day, and all kinds of pictorial and vital elements scattered throughout the landscape.

Gürel makes all images transparent by feeding them with water. The colors mixed together carry everything he wants to put on paper to a pure world, far from complexity. “He translates his love for people and nature into his own language.”


1988 Ankara Governorship Art Gallery / Ankara

1989 Hacettepe University Art Gallery / Ankara

1990 Hacettepe University Art Gallery / Ankara

1992 Gallery Z/Ankara

1993 Gallery Z / Ankara

1994 Gallery Z / Ankara

1995 Sevgi Art Gallery / Ankara

1996 Desti Art Gallery / Ankara

1997 Sevgi Art Gallery / Ankara

1998 Desti Art Gallery / Ankara

1999 Sevgi Art Gallery / Ankara

2000 A Studio / Ankara

2001 Hacettepe University Art Gallery / Ankara

2002 Gallery Lavi /Ankara

2002 Altamira Art Gallery /Mersin

2003 T&G Art Art Gallery

2003 Bakraç Art Gallery / Istanbul

2003 13. Tüyap (Love Art Gallery) / Istanbul

2004 An-art Art Gallery / Ankara

2005 Sevgi Art Gallery /Ankara

2006 Sevgi Art Gallery / Istanbul

2006 Jazz Now Art Gallery / Bodrum

2007 Bakrac Art Gallery / Istanbul

2009 Sevgi Art Gallery / Istanbul

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