Assume that you are not there, the first private collection exhibition held at Arter, spans a wide range in terms of the variety of works and objects exhibited, as well as the mediums it covers and the themes it relates to.

The exhibition titled Suppose You Are Not There, curated by Helen Ansen, explores the possibilities of moving the affinities established between different objects as a result of a collector's dreams and realizations, and the body created as a space, from the home to the museum. The exhibition, which includes the works of nearly 400 artists as well as anonymous works, mass productions and miscellaneous items, is spread across Arter's 4th and 3rd floor galleries. While arranged to accompany a singular life in the private sphere, the selection, which is made available to the public from a personal collection through an art institution and with a curatorial perspective, creates a world between times and forms that defies the logic of classification. This world, where the collector exists by gaining an abstract identity by interacting with the works, opens the door to both a real and fictional experience, as things separate from the private sphere and maintain their originality in a new context. Considering the collection as a multifaceted and living body, Suppose You Are Not There encourages us to think about the affinities of the ordinary with the extraordinary, as well as the practice of collecting and the objects that surround our daily lives.

Created with works selected from the Ömer Koç Collection, Suppose You Are Not There aims to find areas of ascension and escape that take over from worldliness in the universe of living beings where mortality reigns, in order to dream of ascension in the world where everything has fallen and continues to fall. Based on poet Ömer Khayyam's (1048–1131) verses from which the exhibition takes its name, reminding us to embrace life freely by going beyond the limits of our own selves, visitors are invited to an experience that will open the door to new searches for meaning for objects brought together in a spatial fiction without chronology or hierarchy.

Bringing together books, armchairs, paintings, sculptures and photographs that convey to us human pleasures, desires, enthusiasms and dreams of past lives through an accumulation that reflects the playful interpretation of the collector, Suppose You Are Not There is a passionate approach to the idea of preserving all transferable states of being human, good and bad, and finally From the most sublime to the most everyday, from the most permanent to the most temporary, he pursues themes such as gestures, insinuations, movements, traces left before death and then found and preserved by the living. Thousands of works and objects brought together in the exhibition open a field of vision that clings to life for new associations through the proximity they establish in space.

Assume that you are not there, the first private collection exhibition held at Arter, can be visited in Arter's 4th and 3rd floor galleries starting from January 19, 2024.