Artist Beşir Bayar's painting exhibition opened at Trump Art Gallery.

The works in the exhibition point to the willful or involuntary expectations of space and people rather than the beginning or outcome of events.

The exhibition can be viewed throughout February.

Trump Art Gallery, located in Trump Shopping Center, will host artist Beşir Bayar's painting exhibition 'Waiting Without Because' throughout February.

Place; Stating that it is an atmosphere where events and stories take place, artist Beşir Bayar said, “Showing or pointing out the existence of space or atmosphere in painting leads to metaphysical discussions. "People or figures add reality to the space with their presence, that is, they embody the space," he says.

In the space designed in the paintings of artist Beşir Bayar; Curtains, stalagmites, doors and the light leaking from beyond them invite mystery and make you wonder about what's beyond. However, lengthening shadows create a space within a space.

People who experience stories or events interact with the space. In the spatial fictions in the painting, spaces within spaces and people waiting to exist in these spaces are in an endless cycle. In artist Beşir Bayar's works, the willful or involuntary waiting of the place and the people is pointed out in these mysterious places, rather than the beginning or outcome of the event.

The exhibition, curated by Kenan Bahadır Derre, can be visited at Trump Art Gallery, located on the B2 floor of Trump Shopping Center, until February 29.


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