Neriman Oyman

Who is Neriman Oyman?

Neriman Oyman (born in 1965), who creates expressionist and fantastic paintings, has opened or participated in hundreds of exhibitions to date. Sections from Neriman Oyman’s art career are as follows:
Turkish painter who continued his work at Avni Memedoğlu Workshop between 1990 and 1992. He has been working in his workshop in Asmalımescit since 1992. He carried more than 400 paintings abroad with his personal exhibitions and organized more than 30 personal exhibitions. The painter, who defines painting as a way of life, creates fantastic paintings in expressionist style. He states that he paints his thoughts.
1992 Chamber of Architects, Bakırköy-İstanbul
1995 Selçuk Ephesus Museum, Selçuk-İzmir
1996 Cep Art Gallery, Asmalımescit-Istanbul
1996 Karo Sanat, Şişli-Istanbul
1996 Ephesus Library, Selçuk-İzmir
1997 Akademia Sanat, Bakırköy-İstanbul
1997 Ephesus library, Selçuk-İzmir
1998 Bakırköy Art Gallery, Bakırköy-Istanbul
1999 Workshop-House, Asmalımescit-Istanbul
1999 Ephesus Library Selçuk-İzmir
2000 C.B.M Art Gallery, Bostancı-Istanbul

2000 Workshop-Home, Asmalımescit-Istanbul
2000 Ephesus Library, Selçuk-İzmir
2001 Ziraat Bank Art Gallery, Tünel-Istanbul
2002 Science Art Gallery-Istanbul
2003 T's & G's Art Gallery-Istanbul
2004 Eaves House Art Gallery-Nicosia
2004 Zerduş Art Gallery-Ankara
2005 Sevgi Art Gallery-Ankara
2005 Glass Hotel Painting Exhibition-Ayvalık
2006 Certified Public Accountants Art Gallery-Istanbul
2006 Ekav Foundation Art Center-Istanbul
2006 Turgut Özakman Art Center-Eskişehir
2007 Military Museum Ahmet Fethi Pasha Hall-Istanbul
2008 Science Art Gallery-Istanbul
2009 Eaves House Art Gallery-Nicosia
2010 Kocaeli Governorship Fine Arts Exhibition Hall-Izmit
2010 Turgut Özakman Art Center-Eskişehir
2012 Ortaköy Art Gallery – Istanbul
2013 FMV Işık Schools Gallery Işık Teşvikiye Exhibition Area – Istanbul
2013 Compass Art House - Moscow, Russia

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